Labour Teachers: Time for a change

It has now been nearly three years since Labour Teachers was established to explore ways of putting working Labour-supporting teachers in touch with policy-makers to create a  positive dialogue to defend and build on Labour’s excellent record in education. Since then, we’ve worked closely with all Labour’s Shadow Secretaries of State for Education: Andy Burnham, Stephen Twigg and Tristram Hunt.
We’ve hosted policy events for teachers at Labour Party Conferences, including the hugely-successful Labour TeachMeet (and we’re currently putting together another for this coming September). We’ve run a blog which has garnered contributions from a whole range of members of the Labour family: MPs, school leaders, think-tankers and teachers in primary and secondary.
Throughout that time, we have edited the site and run its events in a spirit of open, positive discussion, aimed at ensuring a diversity of views are shared. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved, but the time has come for new people to take control. Both of us are moving on in our careers and neither of us ever intended to edit Labour Teachers forever.
For that reason, we’d really like to hear from people in Labour with a strong interest in education and teaching who would like to take on the role of editor or joint editors after the Party Conference at the end of September. We’d like to pass the site on to people with the same commitment to a strong Labour education policy built on hearing a plurality of Labour voices. We’d like someone who is happy building up links with teachers and policy-makers within and outside of Labour and who wants to make a really positive contribution to Labour’s education policy debate.
If you would like to take on that role (bearing in mind that it is an unpaid position!), please contact, outlining how you’d like to take Labour Teachers forward and what skills you have that you think would allow you to do that.
Please send in your application by Thursday 11 September, and please do contact if you’d like any more details.
John Blake and John Taylor, co-editors of Labour Teachers

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