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If you have been following us the last week or so, you will have noticed that people have generously responded to the relaunch of the Labour Teachers by writing a good number of blogposts and on a variety of topics. Thanks to everyone who has done this.

However, success also raises expectations and so, despite taking on the position of editor with a plan for 2 or 3 posts a week, I’m now beginning to feel like it would be disappointing if the current rate of at least one post a day wasn’t maintained, so I thought I’d put out a general request for more posts.

Before I give details of what I’m after in the posts, I’ll also talk briefly about who I’m looking for in particular.

  1. There is a schedule of regular bloggers (writing at least once every 2 months). For this, I’m ideally looking for Labour Party members who are teachers and have blogging experience, although I do make exceptions.
  2. This schedule is now almost full, but it is still lacking in the number of women bloggers, and also has no bloggers in Scotland or Wales. Can you help with that?
  3. Posts that are not on the schedule, can be written by anyone who is a Labour supporting teacher. I may even even make exceptions for those who were teachers, or who work in education in another capacity, as long as you bear in mind your audience.
  4. I may introduce slots every so often where contributors don’t have to be Labour supporters, but only on very specific topics. Watch out for these when they come up if this interests you.
  5. I would prefer not to include more than 3 posts by the same person in a month.

As for what blogposts should be like, here’s the guidance:

  1. Posts should be under 700 words. If you cannot say what you want in 700 words, split it in to more than one post (parts 1 & 2 or maybe more) and I will post the latter part(s) on consecutive days as extra posts. I’ve been lenient on this so far, but I will be getting stricter.
  2. Pretty much anything to do with education policy, being Labour or being a teacher is fine as a topic, the only restrictions I’d suggest are the ones below.
  3. Don’t try to mimic (or use as guidance) what others post on Labour Teachers this week. We are all just finding our feet and I don’t want to establish a restrictive “house-style”.
  4. If you want to argue with a blogpost you’ve read elsewhere, try to limit it to blogposts you’ve read on political blogs (including Labour Teachers) rather than with any and all teacher blogs. I don’t want anyone to be deterred from contributing and I want to avoid assuming that everyone that everyone who reads Labour Teachers reads teacher blogs generally.
  5. Keep in mind that I have to take some responsibility for the posts, I’m quite happy (in fact keen) to publish views that I disagree with, but obviously I can’t publish anything that is libellous or unnecessarily offensive. Personal attacks can also be difficult to justify publishing, so please avoid where possible.
  6. Try to ask yourself: “will readers have read this before?” It’s very easy to just express opinions, without arguments or flair, but unless your opinions are not widely shared, people may have read the same thing many times before. This is a particular problem if you have picked up your opinions from the media rather than experience.
And a few other bits of house-keeping:
  1. I’m planning to credit people by using their twitter name, probably in the title of the blogpost. Please pass on the appropriate Twitter name to be used.
  2. It would be useful if you could give me a 2-3 sentence bio and preferably a picture of yourself to go in your blogpost. This won’t count to your 700 word limit. Thanks.
  3. If you wish to post your Labour Teachers post to your own blog, that’s fine, but please wait until 2 days after it appears on Labour Teachers.

Thanks again, and I look forward to the response. Please send them to me here or find @oldandrewuk on Twitter.

7 thoughts on “Blogposts Wanted For Labour Teachers | @oldandrewuk

  1. Hi – I’ve blogged for quite some time, but not recently. Have had posts published on Labourlist, Labour Uncut, Progress, and a few others – also a few book reviews published in Special Education journals. I’m a special school teacher, and former head of two special schools Blogged on my own website for a few years before tailing off (link provided)

    Been a Labour Party member since 2009.

    Let me know If you think I’m what you’re looking for

  2. Wondering how many new build schools have inadequate facilities? I’m facing moving into a new building with no brazing hearth in DT and unsure how I will teach the required curriculum.

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