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unknownJules Daulby is a Literacy and Language Co-ordinator in a comprehensive in Dorset.  As part of her role, she leads a specialist Speech and Language base, an alternative curriculum for students who follow ASDAN instead of a GCSE option and is responsible for whole school literacy.

When justifying why we need grammar schools, Justine Greening, Secretary of State for Education, said:

“Because some children need to be academically stretched”.

= 80% of children in the UK don’t need to be.

“We must reward hard work and aspiration” said Prime Minister, Theresa May.

= 80% of children have low aspirations and don’t work hard.

“We are lucky enough to have grammar schools in Kent; other counties are not so lucky” exclaimed MP for Sevenoaks, Michael Fallon.

“We” = minority of parents who get their children into those grammar schools.

“Meritocracy” = The deserved few.

“Deserved” = Children who are not clever enough to get into grammars don’t deserve our money because they don’t try hard enough.

“Some children are better doing vocational subjects” = 80% of children are good with their hands and a test at 11 will decide.

Vocational = Cor blimey, governor.

Academic = Spiffing.

Non-tutored IQ tests = We’ll get your child through the 11+ if you pay us lots of money.

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