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Twitter PhotoMichael Tidd is deputy headteacher of a primary and nursery school in Nottinghamshire, and a Labour Party member in Derbyshire. He was a member of the selection committee that appointed the trustees of the College Of Teaching.

I’m not an active member. If I’m honest, I’ve always been put off by emails that invite me to meetings that begin with “Dear Comrade…”, so the thought that now I might be insulted or abused as a Blairite (and a Blairite I unquestionably am) hardly entices me any further.

I comfort myself with a small financial contribution each month towards the running of the party. Or at least, I did. And when that meant trying to make the most of Ed Miliband, I went door-to-door on election day and tried my best – to no avail. But now, with what looks like further wilderness years ahead, I’m not sure what to do.

Do I keep paying my subs, in the hope that when another leadership election eventually comes around I’ll be eligible to bring the party back closer to electability? Or do I pull the plug, in the hope that it is recognised that not everyone in the party is happy to prioritise ‘the club’ over the need for Labour government. Perhaps my small monthly contribution would be better spent on cause that actually aim to help those most in need of support, rather than a militant club.

I’ve cast my leadership vote, perhaps with even less hope than I did in 2015, and certainly with as little enthusiasm for any of the candidates as I’ve ever mustered, in the hope that we might at least pull things back from the brink.

But if, as seems likely, we really are destined to be stuck with a leader who refuses to give up his own internal power, despite showing no capacity to gain any collective power, is there any good reason for me to keep contributing to the pot? I’m open to persuasion, but I really can’t see much point.

Recommendations for alternative locations for my monthly cash, or arguments for keeping in for the long haul, are welcome!

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  1. Michael, please don’t go!

    You can stay in the Labour Movement without being a member of the Labour Party. Since leaving last October, I’ve renewed my membership of the Co-op Party, which also helps me stay in touch with their more practical projects in society. Also, why not transfer your membership to an affiliated organisation, which also gives you a vote for the leadership.

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