Non-Teachers Week on @LabourTeachers

The week running from Monday the 27th July to Sunday 2nd August will be Non-Teachers Week on Labour teachers. We will be looking for posts by people who:

  1. are strong Labour supporters, preferably members or registered supporters;
  2. work (or volunteer) in education, but not (currently) working as teachers.

These two requirements are non-negotiable. You do not have to work directly for a school, but should be in regular (preferably daily)  contact with those working or training in schools or colleges.

If you wish to write a post,  it should be:

  • About your work and about its implications for policy or the education system.
  • Under 700 words long.

We won’t need a photo from you, but your Twitter name and a 2-3 sentence bio would be useful. Please email content or queries here. Or you can ask for further details from @labourteachers  or @oldandrewuk on Twitter.

We also need a logo for the week, please let me know if you are willing to design one.

The deadline for posts is 26th July, but we can extend it as long as it’s not for everybody.

Thanks in advance for anything you can do.


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