How to Blog For @LabourTeachers

We are always looking for contributions to this blog. While there are times when we’ll want something different, we’re always happy to be sent a blogpost that:

  1. Is by a teacher who is a Labour Party supporter (or even better member);
  2. Is less than 700 words long;
  3. Has content relevant to Labour supporting teachers (regardless of the point of view);
  4. Has not been published anywhere else beforehand.

There is more detailed guidance here. Some suggestions are here. Some advice about writing is here.  Advice for new bloggers is here. I will update this post with links to further guidance whenever I add any to the site. You can email content  to me here. It will be easier for me if you include it in the main text of the email rather than as an attachment.

Thank you.

6 thoughts on “How to Blog For @LabourTeachers

  1. Following my blog some time ago ‘Now it’s our Turn’ just a mention that Alf Dubbs motion on child refugees takes place tomorrow (Monday 21st March).

  2. The Alf Dubs Lords amendment to allow 3000 child refugees has passed but could still be reversed by the government in the Commons. Remember this is our generation’s Kinder Transport.

  3. Just a mention that the Alf Dubbs amendment to allow unaccompanied child refugees into Britain comes to the Commons tomorrow (April 25th 2016). Let’s hope common humanity beats bigotry.

  4. The Alf Dubbs amendment on refugee children was defeated yesterday in the Commons. An example of the ‘great and the good’ exhibiting moral cowardice. A shameful action.

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