FLOATING VOTERS WEEK: Why I spoiled my ballot | @jcoleman85

FloatingVotersWeekIn Floating Voters Week we are presenting views from teachers who didn’t vote Labour at one, or  both, of the last two general elections. This one is from John, a teacher at an 11 – 18 mixed comprehensive academy on the South Coast.

I feel like the parasitic symbiotic relationship between politicians and the press is inextricably embedded into the modern political sphere. Politicians seek election and the point scoring, PMQ’s style of presidentialism that this quest for popularity inevitably causes is not conducive to the sensible running of public services.

We need a teaching authority independent of government interference, with responsibilities for both creating the curriculum, overseeing the exam process and monitoring standards.  The ‘random populist policy changes on the fly’ approach to management has not worked. Ofsted has not worked. Ofqual have not worked. We need to try something that will.

Labour would have my vote if they promised in FIGURATIVE stone to create an English Education Authority that was autonomous of government control.

One thought on “FLOATING VOTERS WEEK: Why I spoiled my ballot | @jcoleman85

  1. I can sympathise with this sentiment, but I actually find it rather worrying. We live in a democracy and we elect 9ur government based on their manifesto. Education is important and if course people wil have different views on it, to remove it from government would be wholly undemocratic. I’ve written my fuller thoughts here: http://wp.me/p2z9Lp-hn

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