Floating Voters Week on @LabourTeachers

In my original schedule for bloggers on Labour Teachers I deliberately left some gaps every 8 weeks in order to have space to experiment. That first gap is coming up soon and the experiment is: Floating Voters Week.

Here’s how it works. All contributions will come from people who didn’t vote Labour in the last election, but might potentially be persuaded for next time. (Alternatively, I may allow people who voted Labour this time but didn’t in 2010 and consider this a one-off). The question I want an answer to:

What education policies could make you vote Labour next time?

Here are the rules.

  1. All contributions should be less that 500 words and include a 1-2 sentence bio and your Twitter name. No picture is required.
  2. Thinly disguised adverts for other parties or stuff from their members/activists, not welcome
  3. The deadline is Sunday 24th May, (Update: although, if necessary, I can keep taking submissions up until the 30th) but the sooner they are submitted the better.
  4. Editor’s decision on which posts to include is final. I will be looking for variety and a focus on education, not venting.

I think that’s it. I’ll modify if not. Please pass this on to anybody you think might be interested. I would hope to get at least 7 or I might think again. I will make it clear on each post that it is not written by a Labour supporter. Please send them to me here or find@oldandrewuk on Twitter.


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