FLOATING VOTERS WEEK begins today on @LabourTeachers

FloatingVotersWeekFrom today until Sunday we will be running a series posts of by people who didn’t vote Labour in at least one general election out of 2010 and 2015. The original idea was that floating voters were to write 500 words about what education policy could persuade them to vote Labour. In practice, people have bent these rules a bit, but where it is still an interesting read I have let them through.

The idea is that we take these as contributions to the wider debate and discuss the merits of the ideas, rather than accept that the party should agree with everything any particular contributor suggests. So please make use of the comments, when the posts go up, to discuss what you think.

We have enough posts for one a day, and probably 2 today, but it would be great if we could run more than that. So if you are a floating voter, or you know of a floating voter you could prompt to contribute, submission details are here. I will take contributions up until Sunday evening.

Obviously, I will still want contributions from Labour supporters for the following week. While I have not scheduled any regular posts for Floating Voters Week, it is possible some other contributions may be too topical to leave until afterwards, so I will make it clear whether each post that appears in the next 7 days is a Floating Voters Week contribution or not.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.