Floating Voters Week 2 on @LabourTeachers

Floating2Back in the first few months of this site, our first “off schedule” week, was one in which teachers who were floating voters were allowed to comment. It gave us a bit of an insight into why Labour had not won various people over in the 2015 general election. It’s now been more than a year and it’s time to revisit this territory, I’ll be emailing those original floating voters for an update on their thoughts, but new floating voters are allowed to contribute. Here’s how it works.

All contributions will come from teachers who either didn’t vote Labour in one of the last two general elections, but will consider it next time, or people who did vote Labour in those elections but are considering not voting Labour next time. The question I want an answer to:

What education policies could make you vote Labour next time?

Here are the rules.

  • All contributions should be less that 700 words and include a 1-2 sentence bio and your Twitter name. No picture is required.
  • Thinly disguised adverts for other parties or stuff from their members/activists are not welcome.
  • The deadline is Saturday 4th June, although, if necessary, I can keep taking submissions up until the 10th, but the sooner they are submitted the better.
  • Editor’s decision on which posts to include is final. I will be looking for variety and a focus on education, not venting.
  • I think that’s it.  Please pass this on to anybody you think might be interested.  I will make it clear on each post that it is not written by a Labour supporter. Please send them to me here or find @oldandrewuk on Twitter.

Thanks for any help you can give, please pass this on to anybody who might be interested.


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