Labour Teachers was established in 2011 to develop new ways of building dialogue between teachers in the Labour Party and policy-makers. Through online discussions, roundtable meetings and innovative events such as LabourTM, our Labour Conference TeachMeet, we have brought party members at the chalkface together with Labour’s education frontbench to share ideas and experiences.

Labour Teachers is for every teacher in the party and everyone who wants to talk to teachers in the party. It is edited by John Blake and John Taylor, two working teachers, entirely voluntarily. There is no “Labour Teachers’ policy”, and nothing said on this site or at our meetings is necessarily the view of the Labour Party: Labour Teachers aims to create the space to exchange ideas and views in a comradely way, to bring the party together to build a better education system for all.

For more details on how Labour Teachers works, check out this post the editors wrote in response to some questions about these issues.